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We think that probably everyone is aware of the changes and issues Facebook and other social platforms are having. Every business page has had their reach basically disappear, influencers who have grown massive followings are unhappy with how they have been treated and let’s not even get started on the issues of privacy.

But we feel the majority of recent changes benefit those with engaging and valuable content. Content that creates the meaningful conversation that Facebook are looking to prioritise. The click bait and easy meme (though everyone loves a good meme) content will struggle in the new Facebook landscape. This allows for content from those trying to help, support and inform others more space on a crowded newsfeed.

Now just because you have a great cause and message does not mean you have the right to be on users feeds. The creative content and deployment is still crucial. Posts and uploads are increasing everyday and it is still a noisy environment, through which you need to push your message. But if you get these right the potential and rewards are still huge. If your content creates the interaction that makes it a meaningful conversation, not just an advert, look at us post or health warning, but something that sparks conversation between users, you can still see huge organic reach.

One thing that stays the same on social media is that everything changes. There are always winners and losers. This change we believe helps those we work with.

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