GirlForce is an award winning programme and social brand that looks to help young women develop confidence through fitness. It offers an alternative social group that motivates its peers to be active and to enjoy being active. It creates a foundation from which young women can improve self esteem and resilience.

GirlForce Volunteers in Action

800 GirlForce Members

GirlForce in full power at Sevenvale School       
Beatz with 40 GirlForce members

GirlForce is an Award Winner

We were delighted to receive the award of Engaging Girls and Young Women at the national StreetGames Awards 2018. It was a great reward for all our amazing coaches, volunteers and those that take part in GirlForce activities. We were up against some other amazing programmes so to take this one home was fantastic.

GirlForce has been developed through the work of UsGirls and uses this best practice to shape the programme. The brand aspect of GirlForce is what helps bind young women together to form a social support network, to help counter balance negative attitudes and experiences from others


GirlForce is delivered by Active Connections across Gloucestershire. We are always looking to support others to deliver the GirlForce brand in other areas. We do offer a GirlForce package with training to do this. Please see How to Get Involved section.

The delivery of GirlForce has been developed by Carly Price. Her ability to engage all young women into fitness has led to the creation of this programme. Sessions are normally based upon a social fitness model, utilising some of our glow in the dark products as well as other alternative activities. GirlForce sessions have engaged hundreds of young women and girls with sessions sometimes having 30-40 participants.

Get Involved

It is hard to bottle and replicate some programmes. It is normally down to the leaders, but we have put together a package to help these leaders use GirlForce in their programmes. By creating a wider network we will help create the platform for girls and young women to flourish.

GirlForce packages include;

  • Training
  • Resource pack
  • Branded T-Shirts
  • GirlForce equipment pack (inc GlowFitness and Beatz)

The cost of the package is £995+ VAT, per learner, funding is available but limited. This includes 1 set of the lights and equipment per learner. Please get in touch to find out more.

For in house training of please contact us with the location and number of learners you wish to train. costs are greatly reduced if you do not require a set of lights and equipment per learner.

SevenVale School

Active Connections have been delivering their GirlForce programme within our school since the summer. There has been great success with girls aged 11+ participating in a female only offer. Due to the benefits and engagement from our students we would love to continue in partnership with Active Connections to deliver the GirlForce programme. 

Helen - Year Team Leader

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