Growth of Our MedalMad Brand in 2018/19

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MedalMad – Our Virtual Running and Challenge Brand

One of our subsidiary brands is MedalMad. A virtual running and challenge brand that at it’s heart sells the motivation to be active. Started in 2017 it has grown to a community of 15,000 regular members and 5500 app users (as of 8th Feb 2019). With over 2000 challenges being completed each month we are now the largest virtual challenge community in the UK and in the top 4 in the world. We have a social following of over 30,000 across all platforms, grown in just 18 months.

Our ad spend is about £1 for every £12 of revenue, so a great return. We specialise in Facebook ads and the Active Connections team run the ad programme for the MedalMad team.

Motivation through virtual runs and challenges

The MedalMad ethos is to provide as much value and motivation that we can. To help everyone start and stay being active. the challenges offer that extra bit of motivation to help people reach their goals. The brand started focusing on virtual running but now focuses on a wider range of activities including cycling, swimming and more. 70% of users do complete a challenge by doing a virtual run but 30% walk, swim, use the gym or cycle to complete theirs.

MedalMad Virtual Running App

One of the key brand USPs is our app. Where users can track, submit evidence, keep up to date with our social network and see where they finish on leaderboards fro each various activity. This app makes virtual running s much easier. The MedalMad team have invested a lot in 2018 to be a market leader and in 2019 have some big plans to grow the brand and the MedalMad app further.

So keep an eye on MedalMad as in 2019 we work to grow MedalMad to 25,000 users, 10,000 app users and a social following of 50,000.



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