Active Media

We produce creative content in social first format. Our aim is to distribute high quality informative and engaging media for the public and third sectors. To deliver innovative, creative and life changing campaigns.

We specialise in creating and delivering holistic digital media campaigns for the public and third sectors. We manage creative and digital marketing campaigns that are helping to change people lives. We use all the latest techniques and strategies of deployment to maximise the reach for you campaigns, from start to finish. With our expertise and qualified project managers we can deliver campaigns that meet your needs and outcomes. 

The most important element of your campaign is to ensure the deployment of your campaign reaches those that matter and that the creative creates the required change. We are fortunate to have worked with a wide range of beneficiaries from our funded social change projects providing extensive insights into behaviour change, how they consume information and what creates positive action. Through our work we have developed a clear understanding of and constantly evaluate behaviours, attention and engagement. We are able to ensure the campaign strategy and creative will produce positive actions. We can help connect your people to your campaign, breaking through the noise of digital marketing.

Campaign Strategy

We will develop the strategy based upon our experience and innovation to engage your defined audience. 

Campaign Creative

Our team is ready to design, create and supply the perfect creative for engaging and communicating  with your audience.  Producing both creative for online and traditional marketing leading to high levels of engagement in your campaign.


Our deployment solutions are effective and improve engagement in your campaign. Our deployment team brings your message to life and makes sure it gets the attention it needs.

Tracking & Reporting

Receive weekly and monthly reporting on the key aspects of your campaign, such as who has engaged, where they engaged and how they interacted.

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