Ministry of Running Ltd was set up in 2018 as the commercial trading arm of Active Connections. Home to a number of brands including MedalMad, GlowSports, Beatz, GirlForce and Active Start. Part of the profits from this subsidiary goes towards supporting the Active Connections social aims.

Example of MedalMad Races
MOR Star Dust Leggings - First leggings made


Ministry of Running was set up in 2018 to help with the growth of MedalMad and to launch the clothing line. With the need to develop an app for MedalMad investment was required and the company was set up to do just that. It now holds the IP for GlowSports, GlowFitness, Beatz, Active Start, MedalMad, MedalKids and GirlForce as well as the MOR brand. 


With such a fantastic community of MedalMadders we were able to ask them what they wanted in an affordable running and fitness clothing line. Our aim is to create a great looking, affordable and high quality line of clothing. We will create future ranges that are designed and shaped by our community.


Ministry of Running is a a company limited by shares. The majority are owned by Active Connections, the parent company. Profits from the business go to Active Connections to be deployed in the social projects.

MedalKids first challenge pack - Move and Explore

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