Social Media Consultancy and Management

We will help you learn how tell your story on SOCIAL MEDIA, creating a strategy to get your message to those that matter most to you. 

Social media marketing builds communities, inspires engagement and increases awareness. All through the creation and deployment of high quality, relevant media. It influences behaviours and beliefs. With the end goal of making sure your social media increases interaction between your audience and your message.

Our aim is to help the public and third sectors as well as startups and social enterprises to thrive by creating an effective strategy, producing engaging creative and managing the deployment of your social media content. We offer short term consultancy, affordable monthly retainer packages and in house workshops designed for the public and third sectors, including social enterprises and startups with a positive or ethical message.

Please see our prices for monthly support or why not access our workshop. Where you can learn about tools, techniques and tricks to take your social media to the next level.

Short Term Consultancy

A full review, strategy and planning service. 


After a full review we produce a full digital marketing  strategy. Providing the foundation for your online social media campaigns and prescence. We will support the implementation of this strategy including in-house training to ensure the whole of your team are a part of your campaigns.


Let us create a suite engaging and innovative story telling content that will bring your audience, customer or beneficiary closer to your message and organisation. As part of our consultancy we will identify what media content is needed and coordinate with your team to produce high quality content.


We can mange the deployment of our creative content, ensure it reaches those that matter to you and build your following. We can make sure your message is not lost in the noise of social media. 

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