Early Years Consultancy

Our team has over 15 years of experience in developing and supporting programmes that support the development ion high quality physical activity in the Early Years sector.

Active Connections has worked with a large number of local and national organisations in the development of early years programmes. These have included training programmes for Barnardo's, NHS Bristol, South Glos Council, University of Bristol and the Department of Health. The knowledge delivered in these training programmes has come from over 10 years experience of delivering programmes in Schools, Children's, Nurseries and for Childminders. We have developed an ethos that helps increase and improve the quality of physical activity for young children. Our approach is firmly grounded in the principles of early education, not adapted from Primary education, and ensure a child centred approach is adopted.

Not only do we look to help the settings we work with provide high quality physical activity opportunities but also address some of the issues that the practitioners themselves may have around physical activity. Role modelling is key to our approach, as it it across all areas of development, and as such we have developed some simple tools that allow practitioners to embed more physical activity into their day to day routines. Without feeling uncomfortable or unable themselves. We hope practitioners adopt our approach and assimilate it, and not feel it is addtional workload on already very busy days.