MedalMad is an online virtual running races community. We provide monthly challenges where runners can complete them anywhere and anytime. Each virtaul race or challenge has its own bespoke, extra specal medal. Runners take on the challenge, send us their time and we send them the medal.

MedalMad helps us to motivate and isnpire people to get out and start, continue or progress in their running. We love to see so many people take part every month, partiuclary those that would not normally join a runnig group or club. Running is a great, low cost way of being active and we hope MedalMad inspires more to get out and run.


A proportion of MedalMad entry fees goes towards either the Actve Connections funds or associated charities. We know that many runners like to take on challenges and also help others. MedalMad allows them to do this wihout the direct burden of fundraising. We provide charities with between 20-30% of the profit from certain virtaul races.

We particularyly like those charities that have been nominated by either MedalMad members or anyone who uses and of Active Connections products or services. So if you ahve any charity in mind please get in touch by emailing

Our charity nominated partners have included – Beads of Courage, Combat Stress, Wizz Kids, WWT and others.


MedalKids is a sub brand of MedalMad. We create shorter versions of the MedalMad challlenges and bespoke challenges just for kids. To try and keep the costs down we mix the rewards up between medals and pins. We hope that by creating a MedalKids product we will be able to inspire more young children to love running.

MedalKids challenges can be done anytime and anywhere. Most challenges are open all year round. Each MedalKids also gets there own MedalKids passport for them to complete adn earn extra rewards.


We are aiming to build the No 1 Running Challenge Community in the UK. Launched in September 2016 the MedalMad community has grown and the growth is accelerating. MedalMad is doing what it set out too, to get more people active.

We set up an ambassador network and have now launched a real life couch to 5k programme. We will be funding these oursleves as well as applying to relevant grants to run these across the country through the ambassador network.

We are looking to develop the brand and offer more opportuites to get involved in running. We are wokring on developing a core social following that can create a support network to help others.

We are looking at other potential partnerships and as our social reach grows we willl look to see what opportunities this brings.


MedalMad - Active Connections Group