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Active Connections is an innovative development organisation working in the sport and recreation sector. We specialise in social media marketing and brand development creating innovative projects that help connect people to sport and fitness.

Active Connections is a not for profit organisation that uses it’s profit to support other organisations and its own social projects. Some of these projects also receive funding from external funders such as Big Lottery, People’s Health Trust and the Police Crime Commissioner.


We specialise in creating social media marketing campaigns and strategies that help like minded organisations . We specialise in the sport and fitness sector having proven through our own programmes that we can engage the unengaged, activate the inactive and create lifestyle changing brands.


Our profits and support from funders help us to deliver a number of Social projects. These projects all use sport and play to help people discover new opportunities and make positive changes. Our Social Projects include Active Start, ActiveDADs+ ( funded by Big Lottery), GirlForce and StreetGames Gloucester (funded by StreetGames UK)


As they say proof is in the pudding. Active Connections has two award wining subsidiaries, GlowSports Ltd and Ministry of Running Ltd that hold profit making brands. Active Connections is the parent company and uses these profits to support the social projects and other organisations. Both companies created via the success of our social media marketing.


We offer a range of additional consultancy services for the third sector. We have experience bid writers, project managers and business mentors. We can support your work, if like us you believe in the benefits of helping people be active. Please get in touch to discuss your aims. We also offer a range of training options for the early years sector.
The Active Social Enterprise

What Makes Us Different

What makes Active Connections different is that we genuinely care about everyone who access not only our commercial brands but our social projects. We value everyone who comes into contact with us, and we have made it our mission to create, inspire and motivate people to be active. By create we mean the right product at the right time.

The aim in all cases is to help people benefit from the power of being active. The benefits are widely known and we pride ourselves on being able to look forward and create products and projects of tomorrow, to help people be inspired to be active, not just for today but for tomorrow and beyond..

At the heart of our organisation is the drive to offer high levels of customer service to all customers, users and beneficiaries of our projects, products and brands. We understand that people expect, and rightly so, to be treated with the highest degree of courtesy and understanding. That is core to our mission, to help everyone feel inspired and motivated by creating the right product and the right service.

The Active Connections Machine


So Active Connections has one main purpose and mission as an organisation. That is to create products, projects and brands that inspire and motivate people to connect to the benefits of being active.

Active Connections is the machine where we put in ideas and thoughts looking at what people need to be active now and what they may want in the future.  Our fantastic team goes to work in creating, from concept, leading and multiple award winning projects and brands.

This process works across all our work both commercial and social. We use the same process to help people in different ways. To create a brand or project that helps people make a positive change through being active.

Active Connections - Connecting People to Sport and Fitness